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Tile Armor produces some of the most advanced cleaners, degreasers and sealers for tile floors.

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Bath Magic Non-abrasive soap scum remover for all bathroom surfaces including fiberglass. Quickly and safely removes build-ups of unsightly soap scums and dulling films found on showers, tubs, spas, hot tubs and other hard surfaces in bathrooms. Color Line

CitraPowr Ready to use, all purpose, all hard surface cleaner. Fresh citrus scent, quickly cleans dirt and grease from a tremendous variety of substrates. Non-flammable, and economical to use. Color Line

ProRestore Grout and tile surface renovator for grout and tile clean up. This is not a product for regular maintenance usage, it is intended for use as a clean-up to allow the surface to be sealed. Relatively low odor, fast -acting formulation removes impacted soil from grout and improves traction on ceramic tiles and natural stone. This product is not recommended for Marble surfaces. Color Line

Stone Plus Stone Plus is designed for today's countertops. It protects against dust, dirt and spills. This professional grade cleaner/protectant improves the gloss and appearance of polished stone. Color Line

SunBrite pH Neutral Cleaner Concentrated neutral cleaner designed for regular maintenance of all tile surfaces. SunBrite is an effective cleaner that will not dull the surface, leave a film or build up on the floor or other hard surfaces. SunBrite, with odor control imparts a wonderful fresh scent to the treated surfaces. Color Line

Super Green Eco-Friendly, Heavy-duty degreasing detergent to handle tough cleaning problems. Contains no dangerous solvents, non-flammable and biodegradable problem solver that quickly and effectively removes difficult soils from a variety of hard surfaces. Super Green is very concentrated and provides cost effective cleaning. May be applied using a mop, sponge or sprayer. Color Line

SuperSeal WB Invisible grout and surface sealer to retard soil penetration into grout, tile and stone surfaces. Low volatile, non-flammable and essentially odorless sealer that does not change the appearance of the sealed surface. Color Line